Friday, July 28, 2017

Well it happened Sister Peck and I accidentally went on a date this week. We met this guy at our finding activity and I asked if we could meet to talk more about GOD and JESUS. He took it the wrong way.....

It all started because we were fasting on Monday. So we meet up with him and since it's raining he asked if we could meet at this super fancy café. So we went in and he completely ignores Sister Peck and just starts asking me all this personal questions. I retaliated be asking if we could start with a prayer. He amused me and immediately started talking about how he was raised in a children's home and was raised by nuns which somehow turned into this giant airplane thing Donald Trump has. It was a completely one sided conversation.(strike one) I was so stressed that I accidentally drank most of the lemonade he got for us (breaking my fast). Poor Sister Peck couldn't understand a word. I finally interjected and tried to teach him, but it had no effect on him and he started talking about how he lives with his mom. (Strike two)

At the end he asked if he could take me out again without Sister Peck. I said no. He asked if we had anything going on that evening and I said we had a food appointment and he said "what!? You're going out with another guy! AND he's taking you out for dinner!?" I just let him think that because he started getting possessive. (Strike three and he's OUT)

Seriously, thanks for raising me to be outspoken enough to tell creepy men to stop trying to ask my companions out. It amazes me how "nein" isn't enough for them. There's always a "why?"  that follows and I can easily say "because I said so!" And THEN they get the picture. I fear for the less outspoken sisters out there.

So yeah we had a lot of funny things happen this week. So jealous of Yosemite! Thanks for he update on Dixie mom. Andrew you're a Little AWOL I'd love to here from you.

Love you! ❤️
Sister Luymes
A home without a dog is just a house.

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