Thursday, July 20, 2017

P-day trip to Mainz ruins.  Dorff view from on top.

Wow this week was hands down the busiest week of my mission. We had 2-3 appointments everyday and none of them fell out which was a miracle! We set a baptismal date with Lorena which puts us up to 3 people who are on date for baptism! We had 7 investigators at church which is another ginormous miracle. We got 3 new awesome investigators and a couple really cool referrals. Wiesbaden is such an amazing area and is probably my favorite place in Germany.

Some cool highlights: 
We found Simon right before Sister Kryzanski went home so we called him up and met with him last Thursday. It started off very interesting because he made us watch this really weird video and basically everyone except him was uncomfortable. At the end of the video he
looks at us and said "ok and what do you say to that." I asked if we could say a prayer together to re-invite the Spirit. Afterwards we were able to just bear testimony about Jesus Christ and his whole demeanor changed and he started to listen. It ended up being a way
good lesson. I'm so grateful for the guidance of the Spirit.

We were really stressed out because there was too much to organize and make sure everyone had a friend and was in the right place. After church I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and a member taps me on the shoulder and said "Ich habe Mittagessen für die Missionare
gekocht!" (I've made lunch for the missionaries). So we had a wonderful meal all together and it made me feel a whole lot better.

We had a lesson with Lorena and it was going ok, but then her youngest kid Matteus started freaking out because he realized Sister Peck was not Sister Kryzanski. He ended up biting my arm and stabbing me in the leg with some colored pencils. He tried climbing up onto Sister Peck (poor girl had no idea what was going on). But he calmed down eventually and we were able to get the lesson going again and set the baptismal date.

Sister Peck successfully gave her first Book of Mormon away. She's coming a long with her German and I'm super proud that she's kept up with our crazy schedule!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Luymes

And yes that word as my subject is a real word it means a tiny Hessen Matchbox.

Quaint village of Mainz

Window shopping

Still happy to be in Germany!

Wiesbaden district outing to Mainz ruins.

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