Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You can imagine my surprise as the AP's are telling me that I'll be sending my companion home, picking up a trainee, and receiving 2 more sister missionaries into our apartment all on the same day. We have a big apartment, but it's a little bit squished with 4 of us. We haven't quite had time to just breath for a second and actually get to know each other. I'm hoping tonight will be a lot more chill than last night's adventure to Mainz and back. I proved my woMANhood by lugging a 60 lbs bag up 5 stories.

Sister Peck was a CNA for 2 years before coming out on a mission. She didn't speak a lick of German before her mission. It's kind of hilarious because she always says "es ist gesegnet" (it is blessed) when she likes something. Which is not at all a German phrase. Oh Goldens. This time training is already very different than the last time. She's very self motivating which is very nice.

Wish me luck that everything will get settled in. We are attempting to get everyone registered on Monday morning at the Büro. Those places are hell. We had to go 7 times for Sister López before they let her Anmeld. Hopefully Wiesbaden is different.

Love you! Happy 4. Juli!
Sister Luymes

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