Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meet Sister Peck my new trainee (golden).
Well there has been a lot that's changed in the last couple of days. On Saturday morning I got a call from President Boyer and he called me to train again! I'm really excited about it. Then on Monday night we called the AP's for some information and we had heard a rumor going around that the sisters in Mainz would be moving in. They started apologizing and confirmed that yes indeed the Mainz sisters would be moving in! The good thing was Sister Shellenberg would be training as well so we would all just come back to Wiesbaden together after the training hubbub in Frankfurt. Fun fact Sister López is ALSO training and my trainer went home all on the same day so we have a four generation picture. 

My new trainee is ...... Sister Peck! She's from Orem, Utah and is 21. She's very VERY excited for missionary work and very energetic about just about everything. My other two new "companions" are Sister Schellenberg from American Fork, Utah who is training Sister Edelmyer from Layton, Utah. Basically the entire state of Utah moved into my apartment. I'll have to step up my California pride to make up for the lack of diversity. Hahaha
Wiesbaden Sisters Rock!!
Me, Edelmyer, Schellenberg, Peck
As for the work transfers destroyed our plans because we had to go to Frankfurt. I'll be honest I've been having some weird feelings about sending off Sister Kryzanski and then receiving 3 new super new missionaries. I'm the grandma of the group. At one point during  all the craziness of moving the Mainz sister in and Trainee stuff I just really wanted to go finding or something directly missionary work related because it was something that was NOT changing. I'm feeling a lot better now that I've been able to sleep. 

Last Sunday all the missionaries were given the opportunity to share their testimonies and personal experiences. I shared an experience I had right before I got my mission call. I was really nervous about where I would get called to serve. I wanted a confirmation that it was really the place where God needed me to go. After many prayers I felt a strong impression, it said: It doesn't matter where you are going because you are going to love the heck out of the people you'll serve. I'm so grateful for the people I've met and have been able to serve. 

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Luymes
Wiesbaden District - we're total posers!
Weisbaden District -- "fat cat falling off a log"
Sister Peck

She's game for anything.

Sister Peck -- meet German Ice Cream, it will change your life.

So long Sister Krysanski (L),
plus Sisters Lopez, Williams, and Peck

Three Generations - my trainees and my trainer who goes home soon
Sis Lopez, Sis Peck (my trainees), Sis Williams (my trainer)

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