Thursday, September 14, 2017

We had a dinner appointment last night with our favorite American family the Cleggs and they have twin 2 year old girls and are pregnant with another set of twins. During the spiritual thought we showed them a picture of Christ and we asked them if we knew who it was and they replied "Jesuschristamen." They're adorable!

We had a very busy week and it continues to get busier as we approach SALMAN'S baptism this Saturday! He passed his interview on Tuesday and we are trying to pull together his baptismal program. Yaaaaaay! 

Well like I said last week we've seen some amazing stuff happen because we are over both Wiesbaden (America and Germany) wards. One woman's name is Xia from China. We met with her suuuuper early on Tuesday morning in the Bishop's house. She's a good friend of Sister Horner and has observed how good her kids behave and she felt so much love in their home. She had questions about what they do to help their family be more unified and loving. It was a perfect example of members living the gospel and others noticing the difference. We taught her the first lesson and it went really well. She really like the Book of Mormon, but sadly didn't quite understand everything we taught her due to a language barrier. She's really awesome though and wants to meet with us regularly. 

Then later on Tuesday we met with Marion! She's recovered SO QUICKLY from her stroke (it wasn't a full on stroke, but still pretty bad). She was able to walk around without any walking sticks and she seemed a lot happier. We went on another walk and sat on a park bench in a corn field and taught her the first lesson. It was really peaceful and the Spirit was really strong. She told us that one day she felt so sick and so depressed so she read in the Book of Mormon and watched the movie Prophet of the Restoration. She said she took a nap afterwards and when she woke up she just felt the Spirit and immediately felt so much better. She said ever since that day her health has improved very rapidly. She should be out of rehab this Saturday! 

I love being a missionary and I love the people I've met! Go and serve someone this week! 

Love you
Sister Luymes 

Sorry no pictures this week! 
Hallo ja lieben! 

So I was standing in line to day to get our food stuff and I look up and see a bottle of Vodka and on it it said "Wodka" I had a good laugh because.... Wodka hahaha. Speaking of which we were on a train coming home from a far away place Geisenheim and this drunk guy sat next to me. He was very very nice and started speaking to us and wanted to practice his English. Well Germans don't realize that in English we pronounce our V's like they do their W's and their V's are pronounced like our F's. So the get it confused. So we asked where he was from and he said "I come from a willage not too far from Wiesbaden. It sucks though because it's far from my Uniwersity." Wodka, willage, uniwersity... I'll miss the German accent.

Well Salman passed his baptismal interview BUT because we weren't there on Sunday (we were with the American ward) no one reminded the ward about it and they thought that it wasn't going to happen............. so virtually no one knows about it and it's way stressing me out to get this thing planned.

Speaking of America it's funny to have American last names again I'm used to family names like Hasselbach, Grünewälder, Wagner, Franz, Heins, Kopischke. But now we have names like Carlson, Shirt, Foot, Black, White, Smith, Brown (what's up with colors for last names?). 

I cut my companion's hair. This is my 5th time cutting someone's hair on my mission. She cut about 6" off and it looks way good on her. One of my better haircuts. 

Oh I also learned to play the guitar! Sister Tait taught me and it's way fun! I've been learning for about 2 weeks and I've gotten pretty good at it. Here's a video:

Das ist was! Ich liebe euch!
Sister Luymes 

Sister Tait has been teaching Adrienne how to play the guitar; she's picked up a few things fast. The following is a video of her playing "ketchup" the guitar.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Selfie with beautiful Taunusstein in the background
What a wonderful and slightly weird week we've had! After ending PDAY last week we had our first Gemiko (ward missionary correlation meeting) with the American Military Ward! I am super excited to start working with them. They are pretty excited to have sisters again, even if it means they have to share us. It was really weird to be having meetings in English-- praying in English was a struggle. They have a really positive outlook on missionary work and everyone thinks it's genius to have the missionaries over both wards. I do too.

We've already gotten 3 referrals because of it. One is a new investigator now for the German Ward and we set a baptismal date with her during our first visit. Another requested sister missionaries to come visit her in her rehab center (she had a stroke!), and just as she had requested that we got put into the ward. Another is a good friend of the bishop's wife. She has major interest and has wanted the discussions, but because they only had Elders it never worked out since she's home alone. MIRACLES!

On a slightly sad side Salman didn't make it to church and we felt like he needed some more time so that he could understand a few commandments so we pushed his baptism back a week. After church we called him to ask what was up and told him about how we felt like we should move his baptism. He felt so bad and said he felt the same way. He was grateful that we had followed the Spirit even though it was hard. In a way we called him to repentance, but it was very very very gentle and he took it way better than we thought.

On Wednesday we met with our new investigator Florence! She's from Ghana, but speaks flawless German with an African accent. It's awesome! She's accepted to be baptized on Oktober 7th! She's super sweet and loves that the church has tons of programs in place to help other people - locally and internationally. She was blown away to discover that we pay for ourselves to come out here so that we can serve people. We are really excited to start working with her! 
Sis. Tait -- our fellow Brit
We ended the week with a dinner appointment with our American bishop and got to talk to him about his vision for the missionary work in Wiesbaden.

I've been thinking about repentance lately and I've felt a sense of relief knowing that when I make a mistake it's not the end. As a missionary we have a lot of extra rules that we have to follow, but at the same time we are constantly striving to be "exactly" obedient. I've struggled a lot with this concept and have often beat myself up when I'm not "exactly" obedient and even worse when I don't feel like it (honestly said- sometimes I don't feel like it!). BUT I also
understand how many more blessings will come from being obedient and that "exactness" allows me to be worthy to receive miracles. In the beginning I was obedient because that's what you are expected to be as a missionary. When I wasn't, I felt awful and guilty. So the repentance process starts. I try again and I'm better at being obedient. However, after awhile of making mistakes and repenting, I realized how much I came to rely on the Savior. Soon, I WANTED to be obedient, not just because it's what was expected of me, but what I wanted to do to please my Savior. This change of heart took some time; but learning to love obedience and loving to be "exactly" obedient helped me to learn the importance of using His Atonement to repent.

Schöne Woche!
Sister Luymes

Taunusstein after a rainstorm

Yup! Still having fun.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A note to mom, dad & Andrew with some interesting commentary...

We are moving a long here in Wiesbaden and dritt life is fab. It's been a learning experience with making sure everyone has the same opportunity to teach and find and being heard. Our weekly planning goes for eternity which I hate because I get cabin fever. It's really interesting because one companion is really fun and loves to talk and gets distracted super easily, the other one is super focused but is terrified out of her mind to speak during finding, teaching,and member appointments. And I'm the middle man trying to keep the one focused and quiet to allow the other one to get the nerve to talk. In the mean time if one is distracted and the other is too scared then that means I do the finding, talking, and teaching. Learning patience has been a HUGE reoccurring theme in my mission. The Lord knows how to keep things interesting. Haha on the bright side, we all get a long really well
and it's good emotional support. They are both dedicated and want to work so at least that's not a problem.

School started again! I've been getting BYU emails from companions who've gone home. One of them did new student orientation and she's an RM. Somehow that doesn't seem right.Andrew! If you ever run into a Deborah (Rose) Harris, Krystyna Krysanski, or a Madison Jones say "Du bist schön. "  Where are you living and how does housing work? I've been trying to figure out classes and stuff I got the email of the advisor center so I think that will help.

Dad, I didn't know you would be in Düsseldorf. That is still a bit far away, but too close for comfort! How come when I get to Europe suddenly all y'all are up in my grill, whereas before y'all never went!

Yo mama du bist auch schön! Oh man I apologize for the Denglish this is where my brain is at right now. Es ist far einfacher to speak auf Denglish as nur English oder German. Hahaha I'm a mess.

Love you family!
Sister Luymes

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hallo Freunde und Verwandte!

This weeks was everything except what we planned. It was great! 

To start off on Friday we had our weekly planning which is very interesting with 3 people. Usually it takes long enough to plan and make decisions with 2 people so adding another makes it worse. So at the end we all tell each other our strengths and what we can improve on (yes cheesy). As a compliment Sister Peck said "There was one time when I was sitting in the bus and I was feeling down and I thought of your face, then I BURST OUT LAUGHING." ............ uh thanks? Haha She meant that she liked the facial expression that I make and that it helped her feel a lot better. 

On Saturday we had just planned our day and we're ready to start our studies and we got a call from Sister Lourido. She said that Liliana (a new convert), Camille (our investigator), Valentina (a potential investigator), and Ahjad (a less active) wanted to go to the young single adult activity in Friedrichsdorf. She asked if we could take them because she's "too old." So after getting permission to go all the way to Friedrichsdorf we packed a lunch and embarked on our 2 hour journey to Friedrichsdorf. Traveling and the activity were really fun. It was funny because when we got there we saw some people in the chapel so we went and sat down. After singing a hymn, someone started giving a talk on the Holy Ghost. I saw a man sitting in the front who looked pretty wet and the thought dawned on me that this was the last half of a BAPTISM. We couldn't leave because we were quite the group. Needless to say I was very worried that there was no activity. So we stayed until the end and then I asked one of the young looking people if we had the right time and place. Turns out there was a small schedule conflict so they just had made the baptism part of the activity. The Friedrichsdorf elders were really surprised that we were there, but grateful that we almost doubled the attendance of the baptism. It ended up being perfect, because Liliana got to talk about baptism with Camille and Valentina. 

On Monday we went back to Friedrichsdorf for our interviews with President then we ran back to Wiesbaden and took a bus to get to our appointment in Taunusstein. What's crazy is we were going to be 30 min late for our appointment and we had tried to text and call them to tell them. Just as we were walking up to their door they drove up. They had forgotten that we were coming, but we were there late so we were still able to meet the Schappat family! They're awesome! They didn't have a lot of food on hand so the made us nachos haha 

Salman has a baptismal date for 9/9 and has recovered enough to meet with us and come to church again! Yay!

Lorena has been doing just ok. There's been a lot of drama going on with her life and she's started to investigate other churches. She's not really sure what she's looking for  so we keep praying for her. We're still meeting with her regularly though. 

This week we got to teach the Plan of Salvation several times (and in 3 languages). As I've gone through and studied it this week I came across a line that really touched me. The Plan of Salvation is the fullness of the gospel. Sometimes we can get really distracted with other doctrines and commandments, which are very important, however, God's plan for us is to have joy and become like him. He helps us to do that by giving us family, Prophets, and most importantly His Son. 

I love you all very much!

Sister Luymes 
Tree of Life
Street contacting with our Tree of Life chalk art.
She's an alien!
We did a Sister Peck makeover!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Raiding the American Elder's apartment.
Meet Sister Tait from the UK, she's just as wacky as I am.
We got our transfer call on Saturday and we're both very sure that we were safe. Which we were, but now we have a 3rd companion Sister Tait aus England! From the crazy 4 weeks with the Mainz sister living with us, God seemed to like the idea of having more than just me and Sister Peck in our apartment. So now we're a dritt. I must say when I found out I wasn't super excited, especially because I'm still training and that's just weird to have a third wheel. BUT it's been super fun and we've all gotten really close really fast. It's definitely a good thing throwing Sister Tait into the mix.

In other news they closed down the American Wiesbaden Elders and made us and the German elders responsible for the German and American wards. We have a lot of coordinating meetings this coming weekend to figure out just HOW we do that. This means that we're about to have a lot more eating appointments coming up. We've already raided the American elder's apartment for all their American foods, DVD player, and fand (here you get 25 cents back when you recycle bottles). In the words of my new English companion-- we had GREAT fun.

As for the work here we are slowly but surely moving forward. Salman had surgery on Sunday and then found out he'd have to be on bed rest for the next week. Sooooo we have to push his date back. He's still reading and praying and doing good though.

We got to meet with Lorena again and Skype using the Heidelberg Spanish Elders. It was good and we got to talk with her afterwards and have a really good moment together. Totally worth getting spit on by her 2 year old.

Bright is doing ok. He's working right now so he can't come to church. But he uses his break to meet with us and read in the Book of Mormon. Poor guy is in a tight spot and the ward is doing their best to work it out. Faith and patience are required. 

Liliana is now back from all her vacations and actually came to church! Her second time ever since she got to Germany in April. It was not the most ideal situation (we were totally missing the third hour of church), but she really started opening up to us about some of her fears and struggles. She said she wanted to meet with us a lot more regularly and wanted to come to church regularly.

Something that someone shared with me this week was this: direction is more important than speed. Sometimes I want things to happen NOW. I want all our people to be members and active in the church NOW. I want to be perfect at missionary work or speaking German, or whatever it is that I desire. NOW. But sometimes God's timing is different than ours. All we have to really worry about is if we/they are headed in the right direction. Repentance takes time, faith, and patience. So does over coming our fears and learning something new. So my dear friends and family I say the same thing to you -- direction is more important than speed. As long as you're going in the right direction, no matter how long you take, you'll get to the same destination.

Ich habe euch lieb!
Sister Luymes

4 Eyes

Friday, August 18, 2017

Love Locks Bridge -- isn't there one in every European city?
Love Locks