Thursday, August 3, 2017

Weeeeell another week  came and went. I can't figure out how to begin so I'll just get into it.

Yesterday we had Zone Conference in Friedrichsdorf. Getting there was absolutely terrible. I was supposed to be there at 10 for an interview and it takes 2 hours to get there. So we got on a bus at 7:47 in the morning sprinted to our train, sat down, then a while later the ticket checker guy comes. He checks my ticket and says "Sie haben ein 9-Uhr Fahrkarte. Das heißt es ist noch nicht gültig." (Our cards don't start working until 9am so since it was  8:20am our cards didn't work yet) sooooooooooo we got a €60 fine. Each. YAAAAAAAAAY! Then when we got to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof our train was delayed and I didn't notice so we got on the wrong train and went to Friedberg. YAY! The funny thing was, other missionaries made the same mistake so we were in a group of 12 missionaries all going back to Friedrichsdorf.

Chillin' at the Zoo

Yeah that was basically how our whole week went. We should have known since the first person we klingelt (contacted) had the last name Gottschallk (God's mischief). Just kind of things not going how we planned. That seems sad and depressing and all, but you know I feel like we needed it. There's a lot to learn from challenging weeks and we learned A LOT. We also had a wonderful miracle to make us feel better.

We were in the church because our appointment fell out and nobody showed up for German class. So we had to complete some online program for Sister Peck's training. Then we hear a voice of someone. This guy walks in and says "hey darf ich ein Buch Mormon haben?" (May I have a Book of Mormon) and we just replied with "Na klar!" (Yeah of course). His name is Thomas and he was on YouTube trying to learn about Jesus Christ. He watched video after video until he came across (of all things in the black hole of YouTube) an audio book of Moroni 7 auf Deutsch. He listened and said "DAS gefällt mir!" (I like THAT). So he read in the comments that you could go to a church house and pick one up for free and it gave the address for the Wiesbaden church building. So he ran over met us and we taught him most of the first lesson. He had so many questions that he asked us if we could keep meeting and if we could exchange numbers. He even asked how someone could join the church! Miracles, people, miracles.

Today we went to a zoo and I pet a goat. It was really fun. During Morgen Sport (morning sport) Sister Schellenberg lost a bet and had to role in some gross sewer water. It hailed and stormed again I'm able to recognize the difference between a bomb and thunder a lot better now. Sister Peck got hit on by a creepy guy and I was very grateful that I am not a shy person and was able to tell him to quit it with my favorite phrase "hör auf damit!" (stop doing that!). We had to get a little creative for morgen sport so I led us in a round of Bed Yoga. We laughed really hard so we definitely got a work out.

Zone Conference was really awesome yesterday. I received a lot of inspiration and answers to prayers. Something I really liked was what one of our AP's said about desire. He read a bunch of scriptures about how we are promised to receive what we desire. He said that there's a major difference between a wish and a desire though. If you have a true desire then you're willing to work hard and you're willing to get hurt. If you truly desire someone to progress and be baptized then it will hurt when they don't progress. If you talk to someone on the street and you desire to share a message of love and hope, it will hurt when they reject you. Miracles don't happen because we wish for them, they happen because we desire them and aren't afraid to work for them.

Schöne Woche!
Sister Luymes

Why do old people like to feed the birds?

Haircut time -- don't worry dad, it's just a trim.

Ode to my brother the Cheese Head -- Gouda XXL!

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