Thursday, June 29, 2017

German American Friendship Festival on the military base.
Hello! Today we went to a Deutsch-Amerikanisches Freundshaftschaftsfest (German-American Friendship festival). It was my first time on the military base. It rained SO HARD. It rained through my umbrella! But then like typical German weather it stopped as fast as it came and it warmed up leaving everything and everyone drenched. It was fun. 

Last Saturday we had an Umzug (a move) for the Martin family. I LOVE this family. They're from Spain and they are all hilarious. The best part of the move was getting the entire kitchen down the stairs. Their stair case is super weird and super long and windy so it was interesting trying to get everything to fit. The funny thing about Germany is you take EVERYTHING out of your apartment when you move. You don't just keep the drawers and the sink in the kitchen you take it all with you and you have to build your own kitchen. We had a lot of people there so it went by really quickly. 

On Sunday Bright got the priesthood! He going to be passing the sacrament this Sunday so we're excited and he's excited. We even took him to a lesson to help us teach! It's been so much fun to see his testimony grow. He has so much faith and honestly, he's a better example than I am! It's also been really cool to see so much of his conversion process. We found him, taught him, he got baptized, has received the priesthood, and now is helping us find and teach others. Bright is a miracle. He even brought a cool friend from Kaiserslautern (woo woo) to our last appointment. 

Dorothy, we are not in Kansas any more.
We got to teach Salman finally! He has so many questions it's fantastic. He really wants to know who Jesus Christ is and he's willing to experiment on God's word. He's extremely optimistic and loves coming to church. He's making a lot of friends with the ward members too so that's great. 

We got to teach Jorge! He is Lorena's husband. Their family is SOOOO cute. Jorge works a ton and Lorena wanted to learn about the gospel so she asked us to just start teaching her. We met with her a lot this week. We're helping her learn German. She needs a lot of love and support right now, she only speaks Spanish so Sister Kryzanski and I are pretty serious about learning Spanish now too. Aber Deutsch macht es ein bisschen schwer (but German makes it a bit difficult).

This week I studied a lot about receiving answers to prayers and recognizing the Spirit. I wrote down some questions that I wanted to find answers to; some for me personally and others for investigators. After studying about how to receive and recognize answers I paid careful attention throughout the week for my answers, specifically HOW they came. At the end of the week there were easily 10 different ways I had received my answers. Some were bigger than others. I wrote down my questions and then next to each I wrote down what the answer was and how I received it. James 1:5 is the theme scripture of this week: "If any of ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God; who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not."

I encourage you to keep a journal of experiences you've had of God answering your prayers, or how you felt when you received a prompting from the Spirit or any kind of experience similar to that. It builds our testimonies because it was our personal experience written down in our own hand writing. When doubt comes you'll be able to read through your experiences and remember how merciful God is. 

Freundlichen Grüße,
Sister Luymes 
Panaramic view of the square in Wiesbaden (?)

Cool rooftops.

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